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HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing is powerful tool that can help companies grow their business. HR Outsourcing provides specialized professionals well versed in various aspects of HR functions, viz. recruitment, compensation benefits management, Payroll, Compliance management, Employer liability management. TRANSiENT, provides services in outsourcing part or full of companies HR duties, which can result in considerable cost saving thereby increasing Company’s business value in productivity and profitability. The more time spent by the business owner on these tasks take them away from their focus on core business development and new business acquisition. The Companies can gain from the expertise of not just the resource but also the capability of the firm’s engagement with multiple industry exposure and by bringing in the best practices from the related industry. At TRANSiENT, we do not only supply any work force but also supply services to employers and their workforce. We also shoulder the bulk of administrative burden, so that employers can focus on their business.

HR Services rendered under partial or full HR Outsourcing Model

• Setting up HR Processes
• On Boarding & Induction of New Employees
• HR Documentation
• Formulation of HR Policies
• Policy Administration & Documentation Activities
• Designing and Administering Incentive Management Schemes
• Training and Development Activities
• Grievances Handling / Help Desk Management
• Developing & implementing Performance Management System
• Employee Reference Check
• Background Verification including Police Verification
• Writing of Job Description
• Designing Key Result Areas
• Exit Interviews
• Separation Process
• Third Party HR Audits
• Third party Compliance Audits
• Separation Process

Benefits of HR Outsourcing

• Allows HR to focus on Core Competencies
• Relief From Administrative Burdens
• Reduce Operating Costs
• Diversity of HR Services
• Continuous Audit of HR Process
• Better, Faster, Cheaper